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Capri-Suds Testimonials :


(Nov. 2018)

“ I don’t just like your soap, I love it!  …the soap was incredible. 

I have really dry facial skin and it tends to get breakouts easily. 

I was doing so well with your soap. 

My skin was better than it’s been in ages. 

Then I ran out and went back to my old stand by, Ivory. 

My face is dry and looking blotchy again in only a week.  

You have a great product there. 

I’m not sure why more people don’t realize how good it is."

Joan W. - New York State


I have tried many, many different goat soaps,
and I always come back to yours. 

Love yours the most.

S.F. - Ohio

I know you hear this a lot, but your soap is simply wonderful. 
My  father, grandmother, and now, great aunt, are all hooked
(not to mention me :-))
I tell everyone about your soap. 
I even show off my "chicken skin free" arms. 
It's the best.

L.M. - Virginia


"Please send me Tea Tree soap - this works so well for me.  
It seems to keep my psoriasis under control."

From D.B.


Subject: I love your soaps

Hi Dottie ;-)

I was at a fair and bought a couple of your soaps and I was hooked ;-) 
I`m so glad I found your soaps.
I`m a mature woman with hypothyroidism, my skin is dry,
and your soap has been a `pure blessing` to my skin.
No more itchy dry skin. I`ve searched for a soap that would help me,
and none have the properties that is in your soap ;-) 
I was also blessed to be able to visit your home with my friend who loves your soaps also.
Loved seeing your babies and meeting you in person.
Dottie is a pure delight. I highly recommend your soaps to anyone ;-)

Peggy, New York


Hi Dottie!

I received you soap today.  Thanks! 
I want to tell you again just how much I love your product! 
I'll be placing another order for Christmas and I'm figuring I'll be looking for about 40 bars. 
It's a gift that is practical yet pampering and the perfect price for all those special people
who you want to show your appreciation without blowing the budget!
Thanks again!  Got to go wash my face with you know what and go to bed!



Hi, Dottie.

My pen-pal in Nebraska sent me some of your soap for Christmas and I just love it! 

Thank you for taking the time to make such a quality product
for those of us who have trouble with even the "specialty" soaps
that are supposed to help our sensitive skin. 
The nubian impression on the top gives it a special touch
which shows how passionate you are about your product, too.  I enjoyed that.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know how far your soap has traveled -
I live on Kodiak Island, Alaska. 
Keep up the good work and thanks for your wonderful soap!

Michelle - Kodiak Island, Alaska


"Dottie, My step-daughter loves using your Tea Tree Soap.
She had frequently re-occuring eczema breakouts on her face requiring doctor visits.
Since using your soap, she has not had any more bad breakouts"


"Your description of your products is very fair and accurate--so rare these days!
I have such sensitive skin and I am not having any problems.
I want to mention your soaps to my dermatologist--am thinking about bringing her a bar
(if I can part with it) to try."
Susan P.


"Before discovering Capri-Suds last year,
I had been on a seemingly endless quest for the "perfect soap"--
-- one that would clean well without irritating my super-sensitive skin.
Thanks to Dottie and her well-loved Nubians, my long search is over.
Gentle "Capri-Suds" leaves me clean and fresh, free of dryness and irritation.
The scents are delicious, but the natural unscented variety is my favorite.
My skin has never before felt so nurtured, wholesome, and healthy!"
Carolyn S


Dear Dottie,

It is truly a wonderful soap. I had no BURNING or ITCHING at all using it.
I have honestly had the very best baths of my life from that soap.
It has been 29 years since bathing was such a pleasure.
I would never in a million years have thought that goatsmilk soap was as it is.
But I am definitely sold on it.

Please know that as soon as I get things settled here
I will be sending you a order for more soaps.
I definitely don't wish to run out of it.

Please accept my most grateful appreciation for what you have done for me.
You have turned a dread of mine into a sheer pleasure.
You and your soaps are a godsend.



"There's nothing else out there like Capri-Suds -- and believe me, I've tried everything.
Friends who knew of my long quest for the right soap
still give me new products that they run across, but nothing is even a close second.
Lately, I've been rotating bars of Capri-Suds,
so that one bar has an extra day to dry out while I use another.
Lasts longer that way, and lathers better."


"This time I finally managed to save a bar of Dottie's soap and try it myself. 
Wow, oh wow - now I really understand why everone is so nuts about it! 
It feels wonderful on my skin and the lovely, lovely fragrance makes me feel good all day!" 

Anna I. in Japan!!!



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